About Paradise

It began with two brothers born in Miami, FL but raised in their family’s homeland in Medellin, Colombia. Christian Velez and Julian Velez, now 25 and 30, respectively. While living in Colombia, their family decided to move to Miami with hopes of building a life that included their dreams and visions. Once reaching the USA, their parents placed them in a soccer program known today as Kendall Soccer coalition, making great teammates that eventually turned into family along the way. This was the beginning of their soccer career and as time passed, they were granted the special opportunity to continue playing soccer at a university level with a scholarship. From Kendall Soccer Coalition to Florida Gulf Coast University, it was looked as a giant step with goals of making it professionally. At a moment when everything was peaking, things took a turn for the worse when hardships and internal family matters broke up the unity amongst the Velez family. While Christian remained in school to complete his degree, his brother left to Colombia.
Over a span of 5 years, the brothers were distant but remained in close communication with hopes to one day create a legacy together to honor the family and everything their parents sacrificed for them to be where they are today. Together they planned to move out of their comfort zone all the way down to Key West. Working countless hours and sleepless nights, they saved and grouped their money together to eventually open their own gift shop “Life in Paradise". They recognized the amount of visitors who showed up next door to their neighbor’s side, known as “Juan Loves Lucy’, it was very popular restaurant that ran for more than six years. After years passed, they planned to one day envision a restaurant next door to accompany their gift store. A restaurant that encompasses the culture they've been able to be a part of in Colombia and the melting pot up in Miami, they wanted to create a place for everyone and anyone. And so they opened an international cuisine for tourists from all over the world to have a taste of a variety of dishes ranging from Colombia, Cuba, Peru, USA, and Mexico.
Today what you see is the work and labor that brings about the restaurant, known as "Paradise". For behind every storm, be sure to know there is a paradise waiting for you. We gladly welcome you to ours.


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